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UNHRC denounces Syria for violent crackdown

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UNHRC denounces Syria for violent crackdown


Some 122 countries on the UN Human Rights Committee have voted in favour of a resolution condemning Syria’s crackdown on protesters.

The resolution was drafted by France, Germany and the UK and the issue could now go to the Security Council.

This adds more pressure on Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, after he was strongly criticised by Turkey’s Prime Minister on Tuesday.

Recep Tayipp Erdogan said: “If you want to see someone who fought against his own people until his death, check Nazi Germany, check Hitler, check Mussolini, check Romania’s Ceaucescu. If you don’t learn lessons from these, then look at the Libyan leader who was killed after pointing guns at his own people and using the same expressions as you.”

Activists claim five children were among 33 people killed by government forces on Tuesday. The dead are also said to include five army deserters.

Damascus ignored a previous deadline of 19 November to end the violence set by the Arab League, and the group’s foreign ministers will meet in Cairo on Thursday to discuss sanctions against Syria.

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