King of Bahrain: officials to be "held accountable and replaced."

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King of Bahrain: officials to be "held accountable and replaced."

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There has been a further crack-down on protesters in Bahrain.

It is reported that riot police in 4×4 vehicles were chasing dozens of teenagers, in the town of Aali just outside the capital of Manmar, before seizing one and beating him with batons, as helicopter circled overhead.

Before this a security forces vehicle had slammed into the side of the car of Abdelnabi Kadhim Aaqil, who died from his injuries.

It is not clear whether he was taking part in protests, which continue every day in Shiite areas, and are often met with security forces firing tear gas and rubber bullets.

The police violence occurred just hours before the release of a Bahrain commissioned report. It was looking into allegations of violence and torture against protesters, from the ‘Day of Rage’ on February 14th, to March 18th when the authorities tore down the symbol of the Bahrain spring, the Pearl Roundabout statue.

The investigation was lead by Egyptian-American international law expert Cherif Bassiouni:

“We can put the actions committed by Bahraini security, under the definition of torture according to the anti-torture treaty, they also represent a violation even in the Penal Code of Bahrain”

Following the statement the King of Bahrain said, officials involved in abuses would be “held accountable and replaced.”