Spanish indie film festival starts

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Spanish indie film festival starts

Spanish indie film festival starts
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The coastal city of Gijón in northern Spain is hosting its annual International Film Festival, “Ficxixón”.

More than 50 films are screened during the festival, many of them Spanish premieres of independent productions. 17 titles compete this year in the Official Section of the festival.

José Luis Cienfuegos, the Festival’s Director, said: “Because of the crisis many film festivals in Spain – some of them very prestigious – risk disappearing. So this year we wanted to strengthen the idea behind a festival like ours which aims to give a voice to the new European cinema. That’s why we’ve chosen feature films like “Play” by Robert Ostlund or documentaries like “Special Flight” by Fernand Melgar.”

Play – a highlight of the competition – is an insightful and troubling film about race and bullying.

“Special Flight” is a documentary about illegal immigrants in Switzerland.

José Luis Cienfuegos, said: “We will also welcome Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger. He has already come to our festival in the past and now we are screening a retrospective of his work. Glawogger is a fascinating filmmaker who has found a good balance between engaged, militant documentary film making and more comercial easily-accesible feature films.”

Whores’ Glory by Michael Glawogger, was shot in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico and was a prize winner at the Venice Film Festival.

José Luis Cienfuegos said: “Finally let’s not forget the “Enfants Terribles” section of the festival – one of the most characteristic sections of FICXixón, linking to its origins as a children’s film festival when it started in 1963. All the films in this section are Spanish premieres aimed at a young public.”

The animated film, Daddy I am a Zombie, is a magical adventure story.

Freddy Frogface explores the the consequences of bullying.

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