German MPs pay respects to alleged neo-nazi murder victims

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German MPs pay respects to alleged neo-nazi murder victims

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Bundestag politicians have paused to remember the victims of an alleged neo-nazi killing spree that has sent shockwaves across Germany.

They paid their respects to eight men from Turkey and one from Greece, all murdered in the last decade.

“We are aware of our responsibilities. We have decided to do everything possible within the rules of law to find how what happened and the background to these events,” said Norbert Lammert, President of the German Parliament.

The recent discovery of a far-right group believed to be responsible for the so-called “kebab murders,” because many of the victims ran fast food shops, has left Germany reeling.

Two suspected members of the organisation were found dead in a caravan earlier this month.

Indications have now also emerged that policewoman Michele Kiesewetter had links with the group. She was shot dead at a fairground in Heilbronn in 2007.

Police have arrested a suspect who lived at a house in Zwickau, which was set alight.

Officers think the property was torched to destroy evidence, including a pistol allegedly used in the murders of the foreign-born food vendors.

The case is raising serious questions about how a neo-nazi cell could slip under the radar.