Egyptian protesters set sights on democratic government

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Egyptian protesters set sights on democratic government

Egyptian protesters set sights on democratic government
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Thousands of demonstrators have continued to pour into the streets of Cairo, as they demand to see the back of their military rulers.

With the pledges of a salvation government and a speeding up of presidential elections, those demonstrating are closer than they have ever been to getting civilians in power.

The latest bloody protests have left at least 36 people dead and many more wounded.

“We do want the elections to happen, we want the whole electoral process to take place. We believe this is the peaceful way for the handover of power from the military,” Sally Sami, a social activist, said.

“It needs to give power to a government that we all accept and that has enough authority to be able to run the country. The already resigned government did not have any authority whatsoever.”

Egypt’s only female presidential candidate was among the protesting crowds in Cairo.

Bothaina Kamel joined others as they chanted, calling for the military to go.

“They kill our kids, who only want freedom,” Kamel said.

The military council’s pledges over its handover of power are being met with caution.

Some want the army stripped of its controlling position immediately.

Protesters have warned that until they get civilian rule, they will continue to take their fight for democracy onto the streets.