Egypt to hold referendum on military rule

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Egypt to hold referendum on military rule

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Egyptians protesting in Cairo’s Tahrir Square are closer to achieving a democratic government after politicians held a five-hour crisis meeting with the military council and agreed to form a national salvation government.

However, Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi has indicated military rule could continue if people in Egypt endorse it through a referendum.

Speaking in a televised address he said: “The army do not aspire to govern and we put the supreme interest of the country above all considerations. The army is completely ready to hand over responsibility immediately, and to return to its original mission to protect the nation if the nation wants that, via a popular referendum, if need be.”

Monday’s parliamentary elections will go ahead and voting for a President will happen before July.

In the four days of unrest, chanting protesters have replaced ousted former leader Hosni Mubarak’s name and effigies with Tantawi’s.