Cairo protests demand end to military rule

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Cairo protests demand end to military rule

Cairo protests demand end to military rule
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Egyptians took to the streets of Cairo on Tuesday to demand an end to military rule.

Protesters called for a ‘million man march’ in a bid to seal a quicker transition to democracy.

They accuse the army of ‘stealing’ the revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak. Egypt’s generals took power after he stood down in February.

The military-backed cabinet offered to quit on Monday over clashes that have killed at least 26 people and wounded some 1,700 hundred since the weekend.

“Our demands are as follows: one; reform the constitution, two; the cabinet steps down, and three; a civil democratic government,” said one demonstrator.

The army had made no announcement on whether to accept the cabinet’s resignation at 1030 CET on Tuesday.

Amnesty International issued a damning report against the Egyptian military on Monday, accusing it of failing to live up to its promises to protect human rights and in some cases exceeding the abuses of the previous regime.

Medics in Cairo said police have used rubber bullets and tear gas to quell the unrest.

Fresh demonstrations began at the weekend after the army unveiled principles for a draft constitution that, if enacted, would have shielded it from scrutiny.

Parliamentary elections are set to begin on Monday. The staggered vote for both houses of parliament is expected to be concluded by March.