Andrew Roachford releases new album

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Andrew Roachford releases new album

Andrew Roachford releases new album
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London based singer-songwriter Andrew Roachford is back with a new album – Addictive.

This powerfully emotive and soulful album showcases Andrew’s unique song writing style that has been described as his edgiest sound to date.

Andrew Roachford said: “Music is kind of like 24/7 for me you know. But it’s been a while since I’ve put out an album and I think when you don’t put stuff out and you’re not on the radio people do wonder, which is normal. So for the last couple of years I’ve just been working on my album and also I did an album with Mike and the Mechanics.”

Launched on 3 October 2011, the singer’s latest album has as its core theme relationships.

Andrew Roachford said: “I find it quite easy to write song about moments in a relationship and intimate moments you know because they’re good for when you’re writing that. They are the times when your emotions and your feelings are sort of heightened and stuff and so it just comes out, it’s like automatic writing.”

Andrew Roachford is currently on a European tour doing what he does best: “I’m a live performer, that’s my niche, that’s my thing.”

Tour dates include:

19 November 2011 Bordesholm, Germany

21 November 2011 Aschaffenburg, Germany

22 November 2011 Cologne, Germany

23 November 2011 Lorsch, Germany

25 November 2011 A-Dornbirn Germany

26 November 2011 Wels, Austria

27 November 2011 Vienna, Austria

29 November 2011 Graz, Austria

30 November 2011 Munich, Germany

2 December 2011 Hamburg, Germany

3 December 2011 Unna, Germany

6 December 2011 Bad Salzuflen, Germany

8 December 2011 Berlin, Germany

10 December 2011 Seidenroth Germany

11 December 2011 Hamburg Germany

15-16 December 2011, London U.K.

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