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Turkish pilgrims wounded in Syria bus attack

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Turkish pilgrims wounded in Syria bus attack


Two Turkish nationals have been wounded after their convoy of buses were shot at in Syria.

Turkey’s NTV reported it had been fired on by Syrian soldiers near the flashpoint city of Homs and that a driver was among the injured.

The buses were returning home from the holy Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

A Turkish government official confirmed the attack to the AFP news agency but gave no further details.

One witness said the soldiers boarded their bus at a checkpoint and ordered them off.

“They told me to go with them. I had nothing in my hands, there were seven or eight of them. Then he cocked his gun and said put your hands up. We ran and they started firing,” he said.

Turkey was once a close ally of Syria but Ankara has taken an increasingly critical stance towards President Bashar Assad’s regime in recent weeks over his government’s crackdown on protesters.

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