Socialist debacle signals a change in Spain

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Socialist debacle signals a change in Spain

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The mood of defeat swept through the Socialist Party headquarters earlier than was expected. It was their most humiliating loss in the polls for 30 years in an election called four months early after the party’s heavy losses in the country’s local elections in May.

The former Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, the man who led them, believes the Socialist party must now consider the way forward.

“Our party the PSOE did not get a good result. We have clearly lost the elections. The Spanish people have decided that they must have a Socialist opposition, and so that will happen. I have told the Secretary General that I believe we must no hold an extraordinary General Party Conference.”

It is unclear if the 60-year-old will continue at the head of the party which in power saw the country’s jobless total rise to the worst for 15 years and at 21 per cent the highest in Europe. It is one of the main reasons say analysts which led to their defeat.