Egyptian capital rocked by fresh clashes

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Egyptian capital rocked by fresh clashes

Egyptian capital rocked by fresh clashes
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Protests against Egypt’s military rulers entered their fourth day on Monday after at least thirteen people were killed in violence at the weekend.

The military took control after the overthrow of former leader Hosni Mubarak in February.

Staggered elections for the lower and upper houses of parliament start next Monday and will end by March.

The army is expected to remain in power until the next presidential election, which may not happen until early 2013.

Crowds at Cairo’s Tahrir Square want a much quicker transition.

The next session of Mubarak’s trial has been postponed until the end of December.

The deposed president is accused of ordering the killing of protesters before his resignation on February 11th.

The latest demonstrations came when the army-backed cabinet issued guidelines for a new constitution that would have shielded the military from government scrutiny.

Street battles outside Tahrir Square continued on Monday morning.

Hundreds of people have been injured since the violence erupted four days ago.