France handed financial warning

Moody’s has put France in the economic firing line. The credit rating agency has warned a rise on government debt and weaker growth prospects could


Contador in court battle

The Court of Arbitration for Sport began a four-day hearing in Lausanne on Monday which could result in three-times Tour de France champion Alberto


Car sales slow in China

China the world’s largest car maker will see growth remain stagnant in the absence of incentives for buyers and the country’s tight credit


Basque peace dividend in Madrid

Nationalists in Spain’s autonomous northern Basque region have real reasons to celebrate these elections. The Amaiur left-wing coalition of several


Back in the Day: who shot J.R.?

November 21, 1980 a worldwide television audience of an estimated 350 million people tune in to find out who shot J.R. Ewing in the US television


Back in the Day: JFK shot dead

November 22, 1963 US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy is shot while travelling in an open-top motorcade in Dallas, Texas. Half an hour later he was