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Spanish Elections: Lower voter participation


Spanish Elections: Lower voter participation

Early reports indicate a decrease in voter turnout at this years Spanish elections.
At 18:00 CET the 57.59 percent of those eligible to vote had done so.
This is down a full 3.5 percent in relation to the turnout at the same time in the elections of 2008, when participation was at 60.95 percent.
There remains just one hour before the polls close at 20:00 CET.
There are many who consider this election to be merely a formality, as recent polls suggest that the People’s Party, lead by Mariano Rajoy are virtually assured a victory.
Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, the Socialist candidate and former interior minister, is certainly more charismatic and more respected by a majority of Spaniards, but he remains associated with the Zapatero government, which many Spaniards blame for their current economic situation. 
Under pressure from financial markets, the new majority will act quickly to try to rebalance the country’s accounts and stimulate growth.


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