Clashes in Egypt leave two dead

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Clashes in Egypt leave two dead

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Continuing clashes between protesters and Egyptian police have resulted in at least two civilian deaths and around 700 injuries.

The worst violence has been in and around Tahrir Square in the capital Cairo. It started after police moved in to disperse a sit-in that began after Friday prayers.

Thousands of people returned to the square resulting in clashes that have continued over the weekend.

Both sides threw rocks at each other and police have also been firing teargas canisters. A 23-year old demonstrator died in hospital after being hit by a bullet according to the health ministry.

The violence comes just days before an election that is supposed to mark a key step in Egypt’s transition to democracy.

The scenes are reminiscent of the uprising earlier this year that deposed former leader Hosni Mubarak.

Now protesters are angry at the time it is taking the ruling military council to transfer power to a civilian government.

The second confirmed death resulted from clashes in the northern port of Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt.