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Monti gets green light in Italian parliament

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Monti gets green light in Italian parliament


The green light has been given for Mario Monti to get down to work.

The Italian lower house of parliament has passed a confidence vote in the new technocrat prime minister and his team of non-elected business experts.

One of the ministers is the boss of a major bank, but Monti has not shied away from criticising the financial markets.

He told parliament: “I’m convinced that a good part of the financial, then economic, now social and, in part, political crisis affecting the world, Europe and Italy in particular, was caused by extremely serious mistakes by the financial institutions and the financial markets.”

However, not everyone is convinced that appointing technocrats who are not politicians and were not elected is the right solution.

Protests have already been held against Monti, with some critics saying that democracy has died in Italy and Greece, setting a dangerous precedent for the rest of Europe.

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