Voters set to punish Spanish socialists in election

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Voters set to punish Spanish socialists in election

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Three days before the general election in Spain, students are once again protesting against cuts in education.

For months, Spanish people have been out on the streets demonstrating against cuts, the privatisation of public services and the lack of available jobs.

The most likely future prime minister Mariano Rajoy is pledging to protect pensions, though he will have to make a raft of cuts elsewhere to bring the budget deficit down to 4.4 per cent of GDP next year and uphold Spain’s commitments to the eurozone.

“There will be cuts in every single branch of public spending, except the pension system. We don’t have any other options,” said Rajoy.

Rajoy looks set to win by the biggest margin in almost 30 years in Sunday’s poll.

Though praised by fellow politicians and the press, Socialist candidate Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba could be punished by the electorate.

However, Rubalcaba was hopeful there is still time to sway voters: “Let’s try to explain to the Spanish people what the right wing party wants to do, and if we succeed, I’m sure people won’t vote for the conservatives.”

Rubalcaba could be the victim of voter anger at a Socialist government that’s been pursuing harsh austerity, and a belief the conservatives would manage the economy better.