Protests end Monti's honeymoon with Italians

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Protests end Monti's honeymoon with Italians

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He is not long in the job, but already he is the target of anger.

Thousands of students have held demonstrations in cities including Rome and Milan against the new technocratic government of Mario Monti.

The cabinet is made up of business experts who are not politicians and were not elected by the people. There are growing claims of undemocratic solutions in Italy and Greece, where an emergency government has also been sworn in.

The government in Rome has been slammed as the bankers’ government.

One protester said: “We think an economist in power is a bad thing. We don’t think he’s capable of handling the present situation, but mainly he’s not capable of really understanding what our problems are.”

Monti has taken the economy and finance portfolios and the boss of a major bank has been named as industry minister.

The Monti government is also facing its first transport strike.

Piero Bernocchi from the COBAS union said: “Monti’s programme is extremely capitalist and follows on with this disastrous idea that the weakest need to pay for this crisis.”

Public transport including trains, the metro system and buses were disrupted by the strike, with workers calling for a rethink on austerity plans.