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Libyans call for peace in the post-Gaddafi era

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Libyans call for peace in the post-Gaddafi era


Libyans have formed a human chain for peace. The war to oust Muammar Gaddafi may be over but there is still fighting going on. With armed militia often confronting each other, the country still is not a safe place.

The insecurity has spurred thousands into action; doctors, policemen, teachers all linked hands from Tripoli’s airport to Martyrs’ Square.

Event organiser Ali Mohammed Irgabbi explained: “This event is for the International Day of Forgiveness and we are calling for an end to violence and disagreements.”

In the new Libya evidence of the recent battle is everywhere. Volunteers are beginning to remove unexploded munitions. Tank shells hidden by Gaddafi loyalists in fields to escape the NATO bombings are slowly being retrieved.

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