Hillary Clinton tickled pink by Hawaii torch bearer

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Hillary Clinton tickled pink by Hawaii torch bearer

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What was it that aroused Hillary Clinton’s mirth during what should have been an otherwise dull photoshoot in Hawaii?

The US Secretary of State was innocently chatting to Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Donald Tsang as the photographers snapped away in the gardens of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Suddenly a bare figure shot past in the background: literally in a flash, as he was carrying a lit torch.

Clinton burst into laughter. “That was great!” she told the photographers. “I hope you all captured that.”

Despite initial reports, the man with the torch was not a streaker. Chester Centino was actually employed by the resort to light its torches.

The torch bearer said he did not know Clinton was near him as he ran past.

“I made sure that I was clear with security, let them know that I have a lit flame, and this is all that I was wearing with my conch shell, and they said they were okay with it. I just did my route regularly,” he said.

The episode has become a huge internet hit, viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

The Secretary of State is having a lively week. Since her Hawaiian surprise, her motorcade has been pelted with paint in the Philippines.