Clashes at Athens protest march

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Clashes at Athens protest march

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A march in Athens to commemorate a student uprising almost 40 years ago has descended into violence, with police firing teargas at young people dressed in black.

Clashes broke out after rocks and firebombs were thrown at the police. People wearing hoods tore up paving stones and attacked a guardhouse. At least two people have been arrested.

There is often trouble at the annual march.

As part of the largely peaceful event, an estimated 10,000 students and workers walked through the centre of the city, beating drums and chanting ‘EU, IMF out!’

Thursday’s participants carried banners bearing the same slogan used by students during the 1973 uprising of ‘Bread, Education, Freedom’ – which they say is just as relevant these days with the economic crisis Greece is facing.

The system of government may have changed, but harsh austerity means people are still facing the same basic concerns.

Thursday’s march remembers the 20 people killed when the military government crushed the demonstration 38 years ago.