Occupy Wall Street will fight on

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Occupy Wall Street will fight on

Occupy Wall Street will fight on
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Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement have regrouped, and are vowing to continue their struggle.

It comes after protesters were successfully dislodged from Zuccotti park in New York’s financial district.

The demonstrators had mixed feelings about how big a blow it had been for them to lose the area, with one girl saying:

“It’s disorientating, it’s demoralising, I think it’s definitely a blow, but you know, the fact that this movement shows you there’s such a hunger and a need and a desire and a timeliness that this is wanted.”

While another thought it had more significance:

“That is ground zero to the whole movement and if we could just get kicked out of it, I feel like it shows our weakness.”

Police in riot gear had stormed Zuccotti park at dawn, and forced the eviction of the protesters who had occupied the area since September.

New York city Mayor, Michael Bloomberg defended the move, saying their ‘tent city’ was harming local businesses, and residents.

Michael Bloomberg:

“Protesters have had two months to occupy the park with tents and sleeping bags. Now they will have to occupy the space with the power of argument.”

The Mayor said the protesters can return once the area is clear, but with their shelters gone, it’s questionable whether they will brave New York’s harsh winter.