Norway bomb suspects plead not guilty

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Norway bomb suspects plead not guilty

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Three men accused of a bomb plot in Norway have pleaded not guilty.

The trio, all Norwegian citizens, who have suspected ties to al-Qaeda, are accused of planning a terrorist attack against a Danish newspaper that published cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.

Ever since the publication, the newspaper and the cartoonist have been the target of Islamic extremists.

The alleged ringleader, Mikael Davud, learned how to use explosives at an al Qaeda camp in Pakistan and made “an agreement” with the terror organisation to blow up Denmark’s daily Jyllands-Posten, prosecutor Geir Evanger said on the first day of the trial.

Davud, a Norwegian citizen of Chinese Uigur origin, trained with al-Qaeda in Pakistan from 2008 to 2009 and remained in contact with the group until the trio’s arrest in July 2010, the prosecutor said.

Police also found weapons manuals, bomb-making instructions and pro-al-Qaeda propaganda on Davud’s computer.

The court heard the three had acquired bomb making ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and acetone.

The trial in Oslo, comes just two weeks after the bombing of the office of French satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo, after they featured Mohammad as a “guest editor” on their cover.