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Lebanese politicians trade punches in Syria spat

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Lebanese politicians trade punches in Syria spat


Rival Lebanese politicians have exchanged blows on live TV after a heated discussion on the crisis in neighbouring Syria.

Fayez Shukr of the Baath Party, which is close to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s party of the same name, clashed with former opposition MP Mustafa Alloush.

The two hurled insults – and even chairs – as they accused each other of lying.

Shukor and Alloush’s antics made the front page of Lebanon’s newspapers on Tuesday and provoked scorn from ordinary Lebanese.

“What we saw yesterday was shameful for all Lebanese citizens and politicians because they are not rising to a level of cultural maturity where one can express an opinion in a way so that a discussion accomodates the views of everyone”, said one man.

“This is our political upbringing in Lebanon. They had no composure and both of them were tense. One word would irritate the other. If they had weapons, they would have shot each other. And I wish they had,” said a Beirut resident.

Both pro- and anti-Syrian regime demonstrations are common in Lebanon, whose politics have long been influenced by Damascus.

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