Norway killer appears in open court

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Norway killer appears in open court

Norway killer appears in open court
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The anti-Muslim militant who confessed to slaughtering 77 people in Oslo in July appeared before a judge in the Norwegian capital on Monday.

It was Anders Behring Breivik’s first public court appearance since his twin bomb and gun attacks last summer.

He recognised that he pulled the trigger and detonated the explosives, yet he refused to enter a guilty plea.

Breivik also tried to read from a prepared statement in which he questioned the court’s authority because “it supports multiculturalism” before the judge cut him off.

The 32-year-old says his actions were necessary to save Europe from Muslim immigration.

Some 69 of his victims were youth members of the Labour Party.

Breivik mentioned the ruling centre-left group in an online diatribe posted hours just before the massacre, accusing the government of being lax on Muslim immigration.

Gunn, a mother of one of those young Labour party members shot dead on Utoeya island, described her “feeling of helplessness” when she came face-to-face with her child’s killer.

Utoeya survivor Erik Kursetgjerde told Norwegian television: “I want to see the appearance of him. I want to try to understand why, or not understand, but sort of, get a meaning of why he did what he did.”

Another survivor, who declined to give her name, said Breivik’s appearance in court gave her “a nasty feeling.”

“I got sick, I felt it in my guts. It was terrible,” she said.

Around 120 people were allowed into the Oslo courtroom, while hundreds more watched via video links.

It was the first opportunity for survivors and the relatives of the victims to hear Breivik speak.

He will remain in prison until April when his trial is expected to begin.