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Fresh fighting between Libyan militias

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Fresh fighting between Libyan militias


Although the fighting in Libya is officially over a local dispute between rival communities near Tripoli has seen fresh gunfire.

On Saturday at least seven fighters were killed in clashes raising fears that former rebels may turn on each other. A National Transitional Council spokesman said talks were underway to resolve the problem.

There were minor clashes on Sunday officials said, but there should now be a deal in place between leaders from the capital and rival communities from the town of Zawiyah and clan leaders of the Wershifanna tribe.

“We think that we are getting to some kind of stability,” Mustafa Abdul Jalil, chairman of the National Transitional Council (NTC) said, blaming “irresponsible” former rebels for the violence.

“There are many accusations from both sides. We don’t know how many of the accusations are true,” he told a news conference, referring notably to accusations from Zawiyah, strenuously denied by the Wershifanna, that Gaddafi loyalists had attacked NTC fighters around the Imaya military base.

The NTC is seeking to reassure its international backers that it can form a government this month and establish order.

The fighting has caused a surge in comment on social media sites, with critics of the NATO-backed rebellion quick to see it
as proof that Gaddafi’s enemies were allowing anarchy and supporters of the uprising blaming it on pro-Gaddafi diehards.

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