Spanish polls prompt fresh indignados protest

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Spanish polls prompt fresh indignados protest

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Spain’s “indignados” protesters have been gathering in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, a week before the country goes to the polls.

They came to express their frustration with the whole political system.

With jobless rates continuing to top 20 per cent, the opposition Popular Party has a clear lead over the Socialists and looks set to win by a very comfortable majority.

The indignados say Mariano Rajoy for the PP and Socialist Alfredo Rubalcaba are as bad as each other.

Barring a monumental upset, Rajoy should become Spain’s next Prime Minister.

So great is public anger over the Socialists’ handling of the economy, Rajoy has hardly bothered campaigning and the PP’s manifesto is virtually non-existant. The party says it does not want to make promises it cannot keep.

As for Rubalcalba, he is on a damage limitation mission, hoping to stem the tide of voters turning away from the party.

But neither men seem to know how to stem the tide of Spaniards simply turning away from politics altogether.

The abstention rate in the election could be the most telling result of all.