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Rescue efforts continue in Turkey

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Rescue efforts continue in Turkey


Rescue workers are still searching for survivors of Wednesday’s earthquake in eastern Turkey, which struck less than three weeks after a quake killed around 600 people in the same district.

Some 25 buildings, including two hotels, completely collapsed. They had been weakened by October’s tremor and fortunately most were empty. But guests were staying at the hotels and at least 28 people have been rescued from the ruins.

One of them was Japanese woman Miyuki Konnai who was part of a rescue team sent to Van after the first quake. She was in the Bayram Hotel when it collapsed. “When I finally managed to open my left eye slowly there was a ray of light I could see in what I thought was complete darkness. That light gave me hope to live. That was the light from the computer I was using,” she said.

On the streets of the disaster zone there have been violent confrontations with police. People are angry at what they see as the slow speed of the clean-up operation and the provision of relief services.

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