Erdogan calls Turkey quake protesters 'provocateurs'

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Erdogan calls Turkey quake protesters 'provocateurs'

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At least 22 people are dead after another earthquake rocked Turkey on Wednesday. Six bodies, including that of a child, were recovered on Friday morning.

The search is on for two Turkish journalists believed to be under a collapsed hotel. They, along with some foreign rescue workers, were in the region after a more powerful quake struck on October 23.

One of the casualties of Wednesday’s tremor is a Japanese man killed after one of the weakened hotels succumbed. He had come to help with the relief efforts. His belongings, including passport and money, were found in the rubble.

Meanwhile, the government is criticising Thursday’s protest in the stricken city of Van.

“They are not survivors. They are provocateurs trying to sabotage the ongoing relief operation,” said Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Riot police used tear gas and batons against the angry residents of Van who feel frustrated at the slow pace of relief.

However, the prime minister warned legal action will be taken against those who gave the all-clear to unsafe buildings after October’s quake.