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Berlusconi runs out of options

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Berlusconi runs out of options


Silvio Berlusconi found himself in a place with nowhere to turn. Under pressure in the Italian parliament and with euro zone leaders calling for reform, the beleaguered premier explained his reasons for going in a phone interview on one of his own television channels.

“The government does not have the majority we thought we had and so we have to take account of this situation realistically and look after the Italian position. Everything else, including who leads the government, is secondary at the moment. Working for the good of Italy is the important thing.”

Shortly afterwards ordinary Italians began to react to the news that the Berlusconi era would soon be coming to a close.

Giulio said: “Let’s hope for new things. Otherwise we’ll be back at square one. Whoever steps in , we’ve already arrived at the point of no return.”

Giuseppe Bianco had a different view:

“The issue doesn’t lie with the premier’s resignation, it’s the national crisis. We’ve just woken up from a nightmare and we’ve found ourselves right behind Greece.”

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