Spanish general election 2011 : parties

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Spanish general election 2011 : parties

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The political parties fielding candidates in these elections are representative of Spain’s multiple regional identities. Few parties are, like the PP and the PSOE, present on a national scale. Rather, many are standing only in one of the 17 autonomous communities that make up the country.

Spain’s parliament is elected by the d’Hondt method of Proportional Representation, which favours the larger parties in the different regions.

Parties present at the national level :


    Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party
    Political leaning: social-democrat, centre-left
    Leading candidate: Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba
    Twitter : @conRubalcaba
    Slogan: Fight for your ideas
    2008 results: 43.9% of votes; 169 seats in lower house


    People’s Party
    Political leaning: conservative, centre-right
    Leading candidate: Mariano Rajoy
    Twitter : @marianorajoy
    Slogan: Join the change
    2008 results: 39.9% of votes; 154 seats in lower house

izquierda unida los verdesizquierda unida los verdes

    United Left – Green
    Political leaning: left-wing, ecology, republican
    Leading candidate: Cayo Lara
    Twitter : @cayo_lara
    Slogan: Revolt!
    2008 results: 3.8% of votes; 2 seats in lower house

Unión Progreso y DemocraciaUnión Progreso y Democracia

    Union, Progress and Democracy
    Political leaning: centre, progresist, federalist
    Leading candidate: Rosa Díez
    Slogan: Every vote counts
    2008 results: 1.2% of votes; 1 seat in lower house


    Political leaning: ecology, humanist
    Leading candidate: Juan López de Uralde
    Twitter : @juralde
    Slogan: Restart
    2008 results: N/A (new party)

Parties present at the regional level :

Convergència i UnióConvergència i Unió

    Convergence and Union
    Region: Catalonia
    Political leaning: liberalist, christian-democrat, Catalan nationalism
    Leading candidate: Josep Antoni Duran i Lleida
    Twitter : @ciu
    Slogan: Our Strength
    2008 results: 3% of votes; 10 seats

esquerraesquerra – ERC

    Republican Left of Catalonia
    Region: Catalonia
    Political leaning: left-wing, republican, Catalan nationalist
    Leading candidate: Alfred Bosch
    Twitter : @AlfredBosch
    Slogan: Yes to Catalonia
    2008 results: 1.2% of votes; 3 seats

BNGBloque Nacionalista Galego – BNG

    Galician Nationalist Bloc
    Region: Galicia
    Political leaning: left-wing, republican, Galician nationalist
    Leading candidate: Franciso Jorquera
    Twitter : @jorqueracaselas
    Slogan: The Alternative You Defend
    2008 results: 0.8% of votes; 2 seats

CCCoalición Canaria – CC

    Canarian Coalition
    Region: Canary Islands
    Political leaning: centre, liberalist, Canarian nationalist
    Leading candidate: Ana Oramas
    Twitter : @coalición
    Slogan: United for the Canaries
    2008 results: 0.7% of votes; 6 seats

Geroa BaiGeroa Bai

    Geroa Bai (Yes to the Future in Basque)
    Region: Navarra
    Political leaning: left-wing, Basque nationalist
    Leading candidate: Uxue Barcos
    Twitter : @uxuebarcos
    Slogan: We Have a Future
    2008 results: 0.2% of votes; 1 seats (under the party name Nafarroa Bai)


      Parti nationaliste basque
      Region: Basque country
      Political leaning: Basque nationalism, Christian democracy
      Leading candidate: Josu Erkoreka
      Twitter : @jerkoreka
      slogan : Euskadi can!
      2008 results: 1.2% of votes; 6 seats


    Region: Basque country
    Political leaning: socialist, Basque nationalist
    Leading candidate: Maite Aristegi
    Twitter : @amaiurinfo
    Slogan: Building a Bridge
    2008 results: N/A (new party)