Game over for Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi has been able to bounce back over the years no matter what his detractors threw at him, including outside Milan Cathedral in 2009


Mixed picture from OPEC

The oil producers group has raised its medium and long-term forecasts for oil demand, even as it said there is uncertainty because of Europe’s


It's the economy Berlu

It is Italy’s parlous financial situation that has finally put Berlusconi on the ropes. As he skated on increasingly thin political ice and failed


Facebook photo row in Germany

In Germany social website, Facebook has responded to a potential legal threat over software the site uses which identifies people. Users are


Anti-EU protest at the Acropolis

Many ordinary Greeks have little faith in a new government to save them from financial ruin – but they are not too impressed with the European Union


Gassing up Europe

The controversial Nord Stream pipeline which started operations on Tuesday takes an undersea rather than an overland route. That means gas going


2012 Dakar Rally route

After weeks of speculation, the route the 2012 Dakar Rally will take has finally been revealed. The 33rd edition, will go coast-to-coast across South


Algae, friend or foe?

Is it the fuel of the future or an expensive annoyance? Scientists are having a field day extolling the many wonders of seaweed while others are