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Greek politicians urged to unite over debt crisis

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Greek politicians urged to unite over debt crisis


Unhappy with the Prime Minister’s refusal to stand down, protesters were out on the streets of Athens on Thursday evening after a rollercoaster day in the country’s parliament.

With the possibility of a referendum still not completely ruled out, and George Papandreou saying he will not quit or call an early election, the pressure is on his ruling PASOK party to mend its divisions and work together with opposition leader Antonis Samaras.

Leader of the Democratic Alliance, Dora Bakogianni, said it was crucial for both sides to find a solution.

“The decision is a decision which must be made by Mr Papandreou and Mr Samaras. Both of them, until now, haven’t shown a lot of maturity – but they need to do it. They know we are at a dead end. They know that they have to stop thinking about party politics and start thinking in Greece’s national interest.”

The message from German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy is that Greece will not get any more bailout money until it ends the uncertainty and agrees to meet its euro zone commitments.

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