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Learn to be safe in cyberspace

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Learn to be safe in cyberspace


The internet has made our lives easier, whether it is shopping online for groceries, making a payment or booking a holiday. However, surf carelessly and you may be subject to fraud.

Our London correspondent Ali Sheikholeslami, who attended the London Conference on Cyberspace, has spoken to a cyber security expert on a variety of issues.

Mark Harris, vice president of SophosLabs (, whose colleagues deal with more than 180,000 malware threats daily, wants everyone to be cautious. He speaks about basic cyber threats and security and makes recommendations on how the surfing experience can be safe.

He also explains how businesses can be targeted by cyber criminals. He says different types of cyber criminality come from different sides of the world.

When it comes to “hacktivists,” he has his doubts.

Watch the video for a lesson on cyber security.

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