Greeks react to euro referendum talk

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Greeks react to euro referendum talk

Greeks react to euro referendum talk
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The Greek government may be on the verge of collapse over the issue of holding a referendum, but some in Athens fear Greece has no choice other than to accept terms from its EU partners.

Mechanic George Kiliadis said: “I think that Mr. Papandreou made a mistake. He should not have said this. I don’t know how he is going to be able to mend things now in order to satisfy our partners that are lending us the money. Because we don’t have any money, we have been getting it from others, so we have to bow down to those who give us the funds.”

“It no longer has meaning, if we say no to the referendum, will we get back the wages we lost? Will we get back our rights? What difference does it make now if it happens or not? I think the best thing right now is for elections to take place,” said another commuter in Athens.

Some analysts say a euro zone exit may give Greece a fighting chance of survival in world markets even if it experiences years of negative growth.

“Now there is a problem with our finances and debt. Even if the drachma does return, there will still be a problem,” said one Athens shopper.

Greece’s gamble seems certain to lead to weeks of further market uncertainty, just when the eurozone is desperate for a period of calm to push forward measures to ease the crisis.

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