Greek finance minister against euro referendum

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Greek finance minister against euro referendum

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Greece’s future in the euro cannot depend on its planned referendum, according to its Finance Minister.

A source within the ministry claims Evangelos Venizelos believes a poll is exactly what “the country does not need.”

“The achievement of Greece in the euro cannot depend on a referendum,” he said in a statement last night.

His view suggests a split from that of Prime Minister George Papandreou. Speaking after pre-summit talks he described the vote as “a democratic right.”

“The Greek people are mature and wise enough to make the decision that is in the benefit for the Greek people and the country. And a positive decision for the Greek people is not only a positive decision for Greeks but for all of Europe”

Meanwhile another Greek ruling party member has joined the chorus of critics urging the prime minister to withdraw his plan for a poll on a euro rescue package.

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