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The Occupy Movement: what's your slogan?

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The Occupy Movement: what's your slogan?


The Occupy Movement has grown from a small gathering of a thousand or so people in Wall Street to a global, coordinated campaign.

The self-styled “leaderless resistance movement” is something of an umbrella group for protesters with their own, local axes to grind. But the focus of demonstrators’ anger is the economic state of the world. As the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon put it, “people are showing their frustrations.”

Banners have been raised from New York to the Netherlands, from Quebec to Cape Town and Canberra all expressing the desire for a different world economy. euronews is inviting you to choose the slogan that you think best sums up the Occupy Movement. You can even suggest your own slogans or simply vote for your favourite among those suggested by others on the euronews facebook page.

Slogans must be no longer than three words and must not contain vulgar or offensive language.

We will put the most popular entries to a vote on the website.

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