Syria says it agrees to Arab League plan

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Syria says it agrees to Arab League plan

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Syria says the regime of President Bashar al-Assad as reached agreement with the Arab League on a plan to end the crackdown against anti- government protesters.

However the Arab League says it is still waiting a response to its proposals.

Earlier in October the League called for the immediate release of prisoners, the removal of the security forces from the streets and a dialogue with the opposition.

Syria now says it will officially announce the deal it has reached at the League’s Cairo headquarters today.

There has been international outrage at the killing of thousands of civilians by Syrian security forces.

Although much rhetoric and even sanctions have been applied, there’s been no let up by the military.

Despite seven months of street protests, NATO has said it has no plans to intervene in the unrest.

The opposition says its awaits the details of the Syrian government’s plan if indeed it exists.