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G20 crisis meeting ahead of summit

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G20 crisis meeting ahead of summit


Angela Merkel has rushed with other senior figures to a pre-G20 summit working dinner, hosted by Nicolas Sarcozy.

The urgency of the meeting came in the wake of the Greek announcement referendum on the EU bailout package.

The leaders vowed to employ “whatever means necessary” to ensure the decision doesn’t derail last weeks EU summit deal.

Also in attendance, the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, warned that declining the proposals would be bad for the Greek people, he said: “I want to make a very urgent and heartfelt appeal for national and political unity in Greece (…) Without the agreement of Greece to the programmes supported by the European Union and IMF, the conditions for Greek citizens will become much more painful, particularly for the most vulnerable. The consequences will be impossible to foresee”

Also at the dinner were International monetary Fund chief, Christine Lagarde, and the new head of the European central bank Mario Draghi.

They have expressed concern as the announcement of the referendum has already upset the markets, and if the Greeks were to vote no, the results could prove devastating.

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