Archbishop backs 'Robin Hood' tax

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Archbishop backs 'Robin Hood' tax

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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has given his support to a multi-billion-pound, so-called ‘Robin Hood’ tax on financial transactions.

In an article in the British newspaper the Financial Times, he backed the “moral agenda” of those in the movement, and said that people see the protest “as the expression of a widespread and deep exasperation with the financial establishment.”

euronews’ correspondent in London Ali Sheikholeslami spoke to protesters outside St Paul’s.

“This is an entirely unusual and unique occurrence, occurring in over 900 places across the world; this is an unprecedented thing I think, that you cannot just expect the same reactions to work because they won’t. So I think the city of London is probably pausing for thought.”

Another activist said: “It’s an occupation, the city of London corporation does not want us here right next to the stock exchange, so they will try somehow to remove us.”

His colleague added: “We are here because we are sick to death of the greed from the corporations, from the bankers, even from our own government to be honest, we are here to make a difference.”

St Paul’s has now suspended its legal action against the camp, but the occupation had caused a leadership crisis in the Church with two senior figures stepping down.

Some commentators saw the Archbishop’s statement as an attempt to appease the protesters and find a peaceful solution to the occupation.

Meanwhile the British prime minister ruled out any such ‘Robin Hood’ tax -also known as a Tobin tax – unless it is implemented world-wide.