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Republican Cain denies sexual harassment

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Republican Cain denies sexual harassment


Would-be US Republican presidential nominee Herman Cain has denied sexual harassment accusations dating back to the 1990s.
A report has suddenly appeared referring to an investigation into claims he used sexually  suggestive behaviour towards two former female employees.
“I told you this bull’s-eye on my back has gotten bigger. I have no idea. We have no idea the source of this witch-hunt, which is really what it is,” said Cain.
Although Cain says the allegations were groundless, there are suggestions the two women who complained were given financial settlements.
Political journalist Kassie Hunt put the allegations into context: “Voters are still learning about Herman Cain. Most people have not yet tuned into the presidential race. So this is the first big story that they will have heard about Cain and if it is the one that sticks, that is going to be really difficult for him to shake.”
Cain’s campaign to take the Republican nomination had been surging in recent weeks. His supporters are rallying behind him, attacking the report as being racially motivated.

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