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Greeks pour scorn on bailout poll plan

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Greeks pour scorn on bailout poll plan


Over the past year widespread protests and strikes across Greece have shown the level of opposition to the government’s austerity measures.

Now its decision to call a referendum on the euro zone bailout package has convinced some people that the government is trying to shed its responsibility.

“Why call for a referendum when everything has been decided already? So they can shed their responsibilities and create a problem for Greek people? It’s not right,” said shop owner Dora Sigala.

Those sentiments were shared by pensioner Angelos Paraskevopoulos, who said: “The poll represents the government’s failure and this is an attempt to blame it on the people. If this referendum takes place there will be no good outcome. If we vote for the IMF we’re condemned and we’re also condemned if we return to the drachma.”

The Greek government will also face a vote of confidence – a high risk strategy that could end Papandreou’s spell in office if he loses.

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