Hopes for truce between Islamic Jihad and Israel

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Hopes for truce between Islamic Jihad and Israel

Hopes for truce between Islamic Jihad and Israel
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There are hopes for a ceasefire between Palestinian militants in Gaza and Israel after the Islamic Jihad group accepted an Egyptian-brokered truce.

This comes despite exchanges of fire between both sides that have left nine Palestinians and one Israeli dead.

An Islamic Jihad spokesman said the group would respect the truce — but with one condition.

“There have been Egyptian efforts since yesterday towards a ceasefire at the Zionists’ request”, said Abu Ahmad, referring to the government of Israel.

“We acknowledged the move and agreed to continue this calm once more but we are keeping our right to respond to any Zionist aggression”.

Israeli officials say this was the damage caused in the southern city of Ashdod in one of 10 rocket attacks this morning.

More than one million Israelis live within the range of rockets held by Gaza militants.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Hamas for the violence.

“Hamas rules Gaza and it is responsible for its security, even if the perpetrators are Islamic Jihad,” he said.

Hamas is not directly linked to Islamic Jihad.

Classified as a terrorist group by the United States and the EU, Hamas has ruled Gaza since 2007.