Samsung pips Apple

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Samsung pips Apple

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The South Korean electronics giant Samsung has overtaken Apple to become the world’s top maker of smartphones.

Latest figures show it shipped nearly 28 million smartphones from July to September against 17 million by Apple.

Samsung only entered the market in earnest in 2010, and profits from its telecoms division more than doubled from last year.

At that time Apple was dominant with nearly 17.5 per cent of the market.

But with an efficient production system that can put products on the market much more quickly than Apple, Samsung has surged to capture nearly a quarter of the world’s smartphone business.

Apple’s profit last year missed the analysts’ forecasts for the first time in at least six years because customers were putting off buying iPhones in anticipation of the new model.

The recent iPhone 4S release could well prove the weapon to topple Samsung’s position at the top, particularly in the run-up to Christmas.

More than 4 million were sold in the first weekend after release.