Florence rolls out her new Machine: "Ceremonials"

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Florence rolls out her new Machine: "Ceremonials"

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Since debut album “Lungs” burst Florence and the Machine onto the scene in 2009 we have not stopped hearing, or hearing about them.

Making one of the best selling albums for the last two consecutive years is quite an act to follow. Second album “Ceremonials” aims to prove it was not beginner’s luck, and would love to emulate its predecessor’s 65 weeks and counting in the top 40.

18 months of madness and hard work now hinge on “Ceremonials”’ reception.

“I think the pressure I put myself under was trying to make a body of work that had a cohesive sound all the way through it. Because the first one was quite fractured. For better or worse, it was more of a scrap book. And with this one I kind of wanted to make a story, you know, done with one producer in one place, it was kind of about one time in my life and in that sense I think we achieved that,” says Florence Welch.

Stardom and demand have meant songwriting split between the start of the year, the April recordings at Abbey Road, and then vocal tracks laid down while on tour in the US. And as for studios, well Florence doesn’t like them much…

“It’s quite hard to get me in the studio, because I’ll get very distracted and if you let me, I will go off and I am just like, I am going for a walk, and an hour later I will come back with assorted vintage garments. And I think once you get me in there and I am focussing on something I can be very focussed. But it’s just a question of keeping me inside,” she laughs.

Ah well, when you are a fashion icon as well you just have to keep your eyes open. You never know what you might come across.

“Shake it out” the album’s first single is in the charts now. The album comes out next week.