Coldplay start world tour in Madrid

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Coldplay start world tour in Madrid

Coldplay start world tour in Madrid
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Coldplay are going global to promote their latest album “Mylo Xyloto” with a world tour.

They chose Madrid to kick things off with a spectacular premiere of the fifth studio album.

It is a concept album, issued across all formats with deluxe editions, “based on a love story” between Mylo and Xyloto “with a happy ending”.

On a question about the ambiguity of the album’s title drummer Will Champion piped up.

“For us it really means the whole world that we try to build around the album, the artwork and the videos and of course the music at the heart of it. It makes people think about the context of the album a bit more if they don’t really understand what the title is, so it’s deliberately ambiguous,” he said.

Chris Martin says the lyrics are inspired by old-school New York graffiti and the non-violent/intellectual “White Rose” anti-nazi movement in Germany.

“I try really hard with lyrics just to make them as good as possible but always to be, Will always has a thing about they have to be emotionally honest and that always comes ahead of being poetic. That is why they are not the best lyrics in the world but they are true,” he claims.

The Brian Eno-produced album’s second single is “Paradise”, but the 14 tracks also contain a duet with Rihanna, “Princess of China” who brings some Rn’B sauce to the party, and a few surprises, too.

Another may come when you try to buy a ticket for the concert coming your way sometime soon.

The European tour is already on sale and in most venues tickets were gone in seconds.

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