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Tombs in Peru


Tombs in Peru

An ancient Sican tomb has been discovered in the north west of Peru. The tomb is thought be around 900 years old and to have been built for someone very high profile.

Carlos Wester, an archaeologist with the team, said: “The dig started last February and in the zone we call ‘The Palace’, a chamber had been detected. This led to the discovery of the tomb of someone very important, dating from around the 12th century AD, whose burial was preceded by a series of offerings.”

Lots of pieces of pottery have been found in the tomb. These items will help experts research burial traditions and they also hope to discover more about the life of the person who was buried here. The tomb was found in an area which is known for having ceremonial significance.

Carlos Wester said: “We found the actual tomb at the burial level. First we found a copper and silver crown, then a copper mask with tears flowing from it, a necklace of discs, and other copper ornaments.”

As well as these beautiful copper objects, the team also found other signs that the person buried here must have been important: a ceremonial throne, a small temple and the burial sites of some less important people.

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