Ennahda begin coalition talks

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Ennahda begin coalition talks

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The full results from Tunisia’s first democratic election have been delayed until later today although the moderate Islamists are claiming victory.

Ennahda say thay will win 40 per cent of the vote but that is not enough to form a majority and have already made overtures to others to form a coalition.

Ennahda candidate Suad Abdul-Rahim said:

“We will work together, Tunisia is for all Tunisians, even if we are the majority party, we do not want to be alone. This is democracy.”

Ennahda officials have named the secularist Congress for the Republic, currently in second place after the partial results and the left wing Ettakatol party as favoured coalition partners.

(The Progressive Democrats are more reluctant to work with Ennahda.)

Congress for the Republic party leader, Moncef Marzouki said: “ The results are encouraging and its made it clear that Tunisian people are mature because they didn’t cast their votes in the way we had been fearing. In the end it will be 3-4 parties that have to share the assembly, which will make creating a unity government easier.”

The delay in vote counting comes as small surprise with over a 90 per cent turn out. The enthusiasm for the election has been felt across the country.