Poised to come first, Islamists cause alarm in Tunisia

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Poised to come first, Islamists cause alarm in Tunisia

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The moderate Islamist Ennahda party has claimed victory in Tunisia’s first democratic election but official results are not due out until later today.

Aware that some see the resurgence of Islamists as a threat to modern liberalism the party is setting out to be inclusive.

Ennahda candidate Souad Abderrehim said:

“I must be faithful and honest with the people who voted for me. They can put their trust in me.”

“There are concerns, but I am personally confident, because the Tunisian people who voted en masse will remain vigilant and ensure that those elected live up to their responsibilities.” said Political Analyst Elhechemi Troudi

It is estimated Ennhada has won up to 40 per cent of the vote much to the surprise and dismay of protesting secularists. Under the ousted President Ben Ali religion and state were separated.

Sunday’s vote has been heralded as a triumph for democracy with a system which makes it nearly impossible for one party to have a majority which means Ennahda will have to seek a coalition.

The expected results of the election have surprised many in the country and raised concerns among some that they could reverse long established national gains.