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Turkey's deadly quake toll set to rise

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Turkey's deadly quake toll set to rise


A desperate search for survivors is continuing after a devastating earthquake in southeast Turkey. The powerful 7.2 magnitude quake has claimed more than 200 lives but that figure is expected to rise with hundreds more missing.

Our correspondent in Turkey spoke to one survivor in the city of Ercis, one of the places most badly affected. “Our house was destroyed. My cousin, his wife and their three children were killed,” he said. “Another cousin is also dead but his wife is alive. A girl and five others are still in the rubble,” he added.

With thousands having spent the night in the open around fires, relief operations have been hampered as the quake caused the partial collapse of the main road between Ercis and Van.

Rescue efforts have also been affected by aftershocks. More than 100 have jolted the region since the quake struck on Sunday morning.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the area and is chairing a cabinet meeting on Monday to discuss the response to the disaster.

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