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Argentina's President Fernandez wins landslide poll

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Argentina's President Fernandez wins landslide poll


Argentina’s centre-left President Cristina Fernandez has scored an easy win in her bid for re-election – according to local media reports.

A government funded exit poll earlier said Fernandez had taken at least 55 per cent of the vote.

For an outright win she only needed to take 45 per cent or just 40 percent with a lead of 10 percentage points over her closest rival.

With a weak array of opposition candidates plus strong personal ratings, 58-year-old Fernandez was always tipped to win.

The same exit poll had Socialist provincial governor Hermes Binner running a distant second with only 14 per cent.

Benefiting from the world’s fastest growing economy, average Argentines appear to have given Fernandez their support.

A combination of prosperity and social programmes could also see the president re-gain control of Congress which she lost in the 2009 mid-term election.

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